Late Winter snow


 On the heels of a 70 degree day a couple weeks ago I predicted that we would see a few more days with temperatures nearing single digits before we could call an end to Winter, and sure enough, a March 1st snow is followed by two days of highs in the twenties and lows near ten.


While this weather is hardly unusual, the question inevitably arises asking if the snow or cold will injure bulbs that are beginning to rise, or late Winter flowers from plants like hellebores and witch hazel.

No! Don’t worry about them.


Your daffodils, tulips, and hellebores are just fine tucked down into the snow. Every year there’s some harsh weather condition that these plants are faced with, and they endure.

There’s no need to protect these plants with burlap or plastic or anything of the sort. When the snow melts and it’s sixty this weekend all will be forgotten, and no damage done. The only thing you can do by trying to help is to make matters worse, so leave them alone. Go back inside and don’t come out until it warms up in a couple days.


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