Here today, gone by afternoon

Snow late in March is usually accompanied by considerable consternation by gardeners who fear that emerging flowers and tender new leaves will be irreparably damaged. Let us put those fears to rest, the fleeting snow will result in no injury. Abnormally low temperatures are the primary concern at this date, and though the current cold is below average it is no cause for alarm.

By Monday the snow will be only a memory, relived in office chat as if this were a rare occurrence. Through the middle of April light snow and an occasional nighttime temperature well below the freezing point are not unusual, and gardeners will recall many instances when cold damaged the this-or-thats late into April. Today’s snow will not be a problem at all.

Instead, this was an opportunity to take a few photos of snow on the blooms of whatever it is that’s flowering in your garden, and of course I have included a few here. You will note in the close ups that there is no browning at the edges of the flowers to indicate cold damage. By mid week, when the weather has turned warmer, we will marvel that only a few days ago there was snow on the ground, and we’ll be delighted that the garden looks none the worse for it.


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