The overnight snow

Scarlet O’Hara pieris covered in snow

I’m getting too old for this. Perhaps I am too old, and I’m fooling myself. Anyway, this morning an able bodied young fellow trudged down the walk to inquire if my wife and I needed some help shoveling last night’s fourteen inch snowfall from the driveway. No, I told him, I’m planning to dig it out myself.

Snow covered Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Torulosa'
Snow covered Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Torulosa’

We have the shortest driveway in the neighborhood, which was part of the reason I selected this property with a short front and long backyard. There is more room and privacy in the rear garden, and a smaller area to shovel (not that I have plans to go anywhere for a few days). Perhaps I’m not so dumb as some might think, and today will pay a dividend on that decision twenty five years ago.

Brackens Brown Beauty magnolia undamaged by snow
Brackens Brown Beauty magnolia undamaged by snow

I suppose the short drive provided the possibility of the highest dollars per hour return, so the fellow was visibly disappointed as he left. My wife was skeptical, warning that I’m not as young as I used to be, which seems obvious, but hopefully will not foretell some tragedy this afternoon when I work up the motivation to venture out to begin the task.

Golden Showers cypress in snow
Golden Showers cypress in snow

I did slip on the boots to take a short, but laborious walk around the garden through the nearly knee deep snow to see if there was any damage. It’s been several years since we’ve had this much snow, and then, in consecutive years, evergreen cypresses, magnolias, and cryptomerias suffered considerable injury. But, thankfully, no damage was evident, just a few bent branches that will spring back when the snow melts in a few days.

Japanese Umbrella pine
Japanese Umbrella pine

Even with much warmer temperatures forecast for next week, I expect that this deep snow will not melt for another week. Whether this stunts the development of hellebore blooms or not is unclear, but they were heading to be late anyway, and I don’t believe this will be much of a disruption. When the late January snow several years ago did not melt until the first week of March, the hellebores flowered a few days afterwards, and I suspect this year the result could be the same.

Snow covered Koehneana holly
Snow covered Koehneana holly

For now, I’m content to lounge indoors for a few days, and certainly this provides an excellent excuse not to get started on any of the many chores that must begin before spring growth. Except, I can’t avoid shoveling the driveway, so if I don’t return you’ll know my wife was right.

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  1. Dorothy Holmgren says:

    I think paying a young person to shovel a short drive encourages them in industry and making a little money… And they’re off the computer and not watching TV! Men think they can do everything themselves, and they can, but I think the kids need the positive encouragement to get out there too! Sometimes that is also important! Kids need to know they can help out, that they are useful and important! 😊 It is 1:00 pm, drippy and snow is heavy. I hope you are done by now! At 9:00am it was light and beautiful! I shoveled out my car then, and did what I could. I guess my men like to prove their macho be waiting until it is wet and heavy snow? 😤😮😬 I love your blog. I’m enjoying it tremendously. Looking forward to spring. Can we ask you questions about our gardens? Thanks for your wonderful, educational and sometimes humorous blog! Dottie in Springfield

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    1. Dave says:

      I agree completely, and I felt guilty rejecting this industrious youngster, but older guys need to keep active. I’m not ready to give up physical labor. I haven’t shoveled yet, and I must admit I’m a bit envious looking out the front window at my neighbor with his snow blower. Any time you have questions I’m happy to give the answer a try.

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