A pink Carnation

Ideally, the gardener will love plants in his garden, or at the least he should not despise them. So, what to do with ‘Autumn Carnation’ Encore azalea?

Unquestionably, ‘Carnation’ is a flowering machine, with first blooms in early August and now into the second week of October with no end in sight. I believed flowers were fading in mid September, but it was just the heat and lack of rain. After a few cool days, ‘Carnation’ was back to full bloom. Perhaps this lengthy bloom is a bit monotonous, but I can live with that.   

The problem is (and thankfully my life is unburdened by real problems), I dislike the color of the flowers. A lot, or at least badly enough that I would chop the azaleas out if they were in a more conspicuous spot. But they’re not, and in fact my wife and I are the only ones who can see them. I haven’t asked, but she probably adores the bubblegum pink, which seems to me to be a completely unnatural color. Other pinks I can live with, though I much prefer purple and red flowered azaleas, and of the reblooming Encores I particularly favor ‘Royalty’ and ‘Twist’.

Almost certainly I will do nothing about this, though if you check back a year from now it’s likely I’ll be whining again.